How much money do you make from bloggging?

How much money do you make from bloggging?

A very common question for someone who is just starting out.

Naturally, when ready to start working from home and start your own business, you want to know just what you can expect. Which is a solid concern.  People think of blogging as just some hobby or online diary.  And maybe that is how it started years ago.

But all that has changed.

Blogging has changed.

Entire lives have changed just from starting some boring “online diary”.

Your friends and family may not approve. But maybe after you show them what is possible, you just might get the support you need on your journey

How Much Do Bloggers Make? [150 Bloggers Told Me Their Income]

150 bloggers told me how much they make and their favorite income sources. Learn how to make money online – fast!

What I got was an amazing resource for how bloggers make money and what you can do to make money online fast. In this video, I’ll not only reveal how much bloggers make but three secrets to making money that will put you in the top tier of online entrepreneurs.

It took me six months before I was making any money blogging and at least a year to start making $2,000 a month consistently. Making money blogging doesn’t happen overnight but then, no small business is up and profitable in a day.

Still, there’s no other business idea where it costs so little to get started and where you can grow your income so consistently every year. You can be making over a thousand a month within that first year. I’ve grown my monthly income by more than 25% every year since starting the blogs six years ago. Even if your blog isn’t an ‘overnight success’, you’ll still make money in a job you love. Click here to read the full story

4 Ways To Invest In Yourself Right Now – TheDealExperts

4 Ways To Invest In Yourself Right Now – TheDealExperts

How to Grow Your Personal Brand on YouTube: 4-Step Guide

How to Grow Your Personal Brand on YouTube: 4-Step Guide

YouTube is worth the investment
So, it’s time to grow your personal brand on YouTube. In fact, I’m recommitting to create more video content as well.

A YouTube following has so many benefits. You can use it to grow a business, you can leverage your knowledge to build a speaking career, or you could even get paid to promote other products on your channel.

Either way, you should start making the investment.

A year from now, you’ll wish you started today.
Step #1: Pick your niche

Step #2: Select the best keywords

Step #3: Promote your YouTube channel
1. Research effectively
2. Optimize your metadata
3. Drive engagement with quality content

Step #4: Monetize your YouTube channel

Click here to read the full story


Building a YouTube presence has many benefits. Creating video content is one of the best ways to build authentic relationships with your followers.

If your goal is to grow your personal brand on YouTube, but you don’t know how to get started, keep reading.

This guide will walk you through a four-step process.

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ever since the 4-Hour Workweek was released, everyone seems to have the same goal. To wake up in the morning, open their laptop, and see nothing but payments coming into their bank account. That’s the dream, right? Make money while you sleep. For 99% of people, affiliate marketing is how they get it done.

So what exactly is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

As I said, there are basically two sides of the affiliate marketing equation that you can choose from, assuming that you’re not going to build an affiliate network such as Commission Junction.

You can become a merchant and have others promote your product, in exchange for giving them a commission from the sales that they make.

Or, you can become an affiliate marketer for one or several products that you’d like to promote and market those to consumers, in order to make money.

While most people start by taking the affiliate route and it definitely is the easier path to take, building enough traffic to make a meaningful income just from affiliate sales isn’t quick or easy.

That’s why I’ll walk you through the 4 basic steps that you can take to get started on both sides of the affiliate marketing industry.

Here are the basic steps.

How to become a merchant in 4 steps
Step 1: Coming up with a product idea
Step 2: Validating your idea
Step 3: Creating the product
Step 4: Finding affiliate program partners
4 steps to becoming an online affiliate marketer
Step 1: Review products in your niche
Step 2: Build an email list with your prospects on it
Step 3: Educate your audience with live webinars
Step 4: Grow your business with PPC advertising
Read more…

50 Work-From-Home Jobs Paying as Much or a Lot More Than the Average American Salary

50 Work-From-Home Jobs Paying as Much or a Lot More Than the Average American Salary

1. Affiliate Marketer
2. Animator
3. Baker/Caterer/Chef
4. Blogger
5. Bookkeeper
6. Child Caregiver
7. Clinical Research Coordinator
8. Consulting
9. Customer Service Representative
10. Data Entry
11. Copy Writing
12. E-commerce Store Owner
13. Editing and Proofreading
14. Event Planner
15. Film and Post Instructional Videos
16. Grant Writer
17. Graphic Designer
18. Handmade Crafter
19. Instructor
20. Internet Security Specialist
21. Online Juror
22. Online Teacher
23. Patent or Intellectual Property Lawyer
24. Peer-to-Peer Lender
25. Pet Groomer
26. Photographer/Videographer
27. Product Reviewer
28. Programmer
29. Realtor
30. Renter
31. Repairer
32. Short Tasks
33. Social Media Manager
34. Stylist
35. Survey Taker
36. Tax Preparer
37. Become an Expert
38. Telephone Nurse
39. Transcriber/Transcriptionist
40. Translator
41. Travel Agent
42. Virtual Assistant
43. Virtual Public Relations Representative
44. Virtual Recruiter
45. Virtual Tutor
46. Voice Acting
47. Web Developer
48. Web Search Evaluator
49. Website Tester
50. Writing Gigs
… read a description of how to get started in each one here


How to Master Working From Home—While Under Quarantine With Kids | Parents

The spread of the coronavirus is forcing working parents into telecommute situations across the country. If you’re struggling to stay productive while working from home, these tips from full-time work-from-home moms may help.

How to Master Working From Home—While Under Quarantine With Kids | Parents

Separate Mom and Business Roles

If you don’t learn to keep your roles as mom and businesswoman separate, giving each your full concentration for a set amount of time, you’ll never feel like you’re doing either well. To separate mentally from the rest of the house, set up an office area, recommends Lauren Kohl, an attorney and mom of two in Newton, Massachusetts. She works out of a converted closet, a kid-free zone that helps her to detach from the rest of her house. If she can’t see the dirty rompers in the hamper, she’s less inclined to leave her desk to launder them, she says.



13 Powerful Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt (So You Can Finally Move Forward in Life)

It tough being a budding entrepreneur.

The long solitary nights. The ups and downs. The slow months in the beginning while getting started.

But one thing that beats them all for most is the fear of the unknown.  All the “what ifs” that seem to be infinite that you could never ever predict.

Its enough to drive yourself crazy if left alone to long with your thoughts. Besides going crazy, nothing ever gets done.

When these thoughts go unchecked it is the fastest way to talk yourself out of doing anything great.

Here are a few ways to help you when these fears arise

13 Powerful Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt (So You Can Finally Move Forward in Life)

1. Say stop.
2. Look to the past and awash yourself in the memories.
3. Talk to someone about it.
4. Don’t get stuck in the comparison trap.
5. Start keeping a journal.
Keep a realistic record of your life.
Gain clarity more easily.
6. Remember: people don’t care that much about what you do or say.
7. What someone said or did might not be about you (or about what you think it is).
8. Get a boost of optimism.
9. See a setback as temporary.
Remember: You are not a failure just because you failed.
Ask yourself: what is one thing I can learn from this setback?
10. Sharpen your skills.
11. Don’t beat yourself up about it.
12. Celebrate that small step and win.
13. Remember: You can course-correct along the way.

Lets look at a few of these a little more deeply

3. Talk To Someone About It…

When you keep your thoughts on the inside they can become distorted, exaggerated and not very much in line with reality or reasonable expectations.

So let them out into the light. Talk to someone close to you about your self-doubts.

And by talking about those doubts with someone that is supportive you can get a change in perspective.

9. See a setback as temporary.
When you have a setback then you may start to see things through a negative and dark lens. You might see this current setback as something that will simply be your new normal.

This way of looking at things can trap you in thinking that there’s no point in continuing to take action.

Setbacks happen to everyone who take chances. It is simply a part of living life fully.

Sometimes things go well and sometimes they don’t. So don’t make a failure into this huge thing or into your identity.

Use the mistake or failure to your advantage and to move forward once again in smarter way. Continue reading……13 Powerful Ways to Overcome Self-Doubt


25 Sites That Want To Hire You Today To Work From Home

If you’re a freelancer or are looking for a great remote job, check out these 25 best sites for landing high-paying, meaningful remote working positions.

25 Sites for Finding the Best Remote Jobs

Working Nomads

WorkingNomads (formerly goRemotely) delivers a curated list of remote jobs right to your inbox. Choose daily or weekly emails to make the remote job search come to you.


Remotive is a weekly newsletter for remote workers, as well as a job board featuring positions in Engineering, Marketing, Product, Support, Sales, and Human Resources. The site is growing fast—they recently debuted their blog page and have plans for an interactive remote work community. And check out their awesome resources, like this Productive Remote Worker Toolkit.

Click here to read the full story

Are You Sure You Are Ready For This?

Before you embark on this working from home journey, you may want to get real for a second and ask yourself some tough questions.

Yes, the rewards are great. But that is usually all that most focus on.

You may want to wave a magic wand and have riches pour into your bank account overnight like some offers you will see will lead you to believe. But that’s now how it works.

So I want to be honest with your and prepare you.

Here is what Gary Vaynerchuck has to say about being and entrepreneur:


Read Gary Vaynerchuk‘s answer to How hard is it to be an entrepreneur? on Quora


And other have found it to be a similar experience: