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Author Topic: The idea of my selfhelp website is to give you victory and I would like feedback  (Read 3699 times)

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The idea of is about matching you with people with identical aspirations, dreams or goals that have never done them before to work on them together. The experience, passion, work and lust for achieving your personal dream creates and strengthens the friendship through the experience of completing the goal together. Giving you your victory

The site is in the core stage(Like really early beta) right now and will be fleshed directly from user-feedback. I haven't made any plans for the site since I can't predict the future and I believe a strong execution is more potent but my ultimate dream for it is to provide value to my users and (hopefully) a big time company will buy it one day.

The site is in beta stage (mentioned in above) so it's not optimized for mobile yet, nor is there many users yet..since it just launched. Use your Laptop/computer

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I want to apply for forums to study and find friends.