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Author Topic: [E-BOOKS] 15x Free Personal Development e-books  (Read 9297 times)

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[E-BOOKS] 15x Free Personal Development e-books
« on: September 21, 2013, 09:58:25 AM »
At we currently have an offer of 15x free personal development books for linking up with us.

However (there's always a catch), we normally ask that you link up with us on 1, or more, of the following :

* Twitter
* Facebook
* Google+
* YouTube
* or subscribe to our blog

........and for doing each of those you would normally only get 3 of the 15 books.

BUT for Mind Warrior Forum members, we are going to give you the links to all 15 books for just taking ONE of the above actions.

So if you follow us on Twitter (for example), instead of getting just 3 books, you will get access to all 15.  ;D

What books are on offer ?

* Self-Empowerment Guidebook (57 pages)
* How to Make This Year THE Year (37 pages)
* How to Overcome Challenges (17pages)
* The Law of Attraction (23 pages)
* 10 Success Tips From Proven Winners (25 pages)
* The Power of Gratitude (30 pages)
* How to Create a New Self Image (45 pages)
* How To Talk So Others Will Listen (23 pages)
* Getting Things Changed - Liberate Yourself from Procrastination (30 pages)
* Overcome Self-Destructive Behaviors & Self Sabotage (18 pages)
* 8 Top Strategies For Getting More Out Of Your Life (24 pages)
* How to Break Free From Stress (23 pages)
* 7 Keys to Success (21 pages)
* Using Affirmations for Success (27 pages)
* Advanced Hypnosis for newbies (27 Pages)

THAT'S OVER 400 PAGES OF CONTENT.............. FOR FREE !!  :D :D :D

You can get more details on any of these books, by following the appropriate link on this page :

All you need to do is :

a) Follow / Subscribe to JUST ONE of the following :

* BLOG (subscribe) :
* FACEBOOK (like our Page) :
* TWITTER (Follow us) :
* GOOGLE+ (Add us to one of your Circles - just following us is not enough) :
* YOUTUBE (subscribe) :

b) Send us a personal message on this forum saying :

- What action you took (Liked / followed / subscribed etc.) and on what platform (Twitter / FB)
- What your name is on the above platform

Once verified, we will then PM you the links for the books.

Ohhh and if you are an existing follower on any of those above channels, send us a PM letting us know who you are, and what you follow us on..... and we'll send you the links to the books you don't already have access to.

NB you have to be a member of this Personal Development forum to be able to PM us.

Happy learning.

Love & Hugs
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Re: [E-BOOKS] 15x Free Personal Development e-books
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Is a pretty good post. Where can I find more information on it here.