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Re: What actually works in personal development? Seriously.
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That doesn’t surprise me at all. It took me a long time to learn to just communicate what Gutap is – let alone describe it in detail. People have to understand it before they can do it. I have it to the point now where I can describe it in beautifully simplistic detail but simple beautiful truths are often extremely difficult to do.

Another aspect that makes it extremely difficult to implement on your own is just being able to stay conscious and aware when you trigger your own beliefs. It is like someone with PTSD trying to work through their own trauma on themselves alone. That is why it is incredibly intelligent of you to reach out and ask for help. Having someone who knows what is going on walk you through this is very wise. It would save you many years of work and confusion. You don’t have to have help though. You can figure out how to do this on your own. It’s that it just took me twenty-five years on my own to figure out the exact steps of how to achieve core level change of any belief – Gutap.

If you do want to go the independent route I would strongly suggest posting this on other forums and ask other professionals besides myself for help. You may not get it all down but you may just get the insight you are looking for as well. <seriously

Beautifully simple truths are often hard to implement. Easy to explain – a lifetime to master.

There is someone everywhere constantly saying “their” method is best but when it boils down to it they simply can’t describe the process that happens. I did. Let alone seeing why something didn’t work for someone. I do. My testimonials on my website attest to this very fact.

Or we can just go placebo effect. Just trust that things will work out. Why go through all the trouble of describing your bad childhood, beating on pillows, emotionally grueling therapy? Just trust and believe that things will work out and they usually do. Why don’t people do that? Because they have a limiting belief getting in the way of being able to trust. They have difficult trusting and believing. That is where Gutap comes in. To deal with limiting false beliefs directly to completely resolve it. Then they can finally learn the skills to trust and believe. Skills are what most coaches teach because skills produce results and earn money. Healing only gets a person out of the pit, skills allow them to run the race. So I loved Bob Proctor’s $5,000 course on The Science of Getting Rich (and in the movie The Secret).

I get this all the time. My methodology is better than yours. Well if it is then you would already know Gutap, how it works, where it came from, how to explain it, and how to teach it to answer all the questions about what it is. Your method would have done all this for you. You would be able to read anyone’s landing page and pretty much be able to write their course that they are selling because you would know how this works.

I am in a delicate situation because I take the stand that there are still skills that people like Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, or Bryan Tracy teach that are very valuable. I like to do the healing side with my coaching then hand them off to a qualified life coach for certain skills teaching such as how to exercise, eating healthy, sales skills, managing finances, get a promotion, networking, or better relationships. I only know the beginnings of those things. I like a professional, competent specialist to take over after they completely resolve their beliefs that were getting in the way of learning.

As you said it, “The challenge with his (Bob Proctor) teaching is the application.” It is the limiting beliefs a person has that get in the way of applying those wonderful teachings.
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