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Author Topic: We Need Your Help, We Need Beta Testers for our new iOS Personal Development app  (Read 1582 times)

Offline rickcorbettjr

PropelU is the Best iOS app for Achievement and Learning How to Be More Successful

PropelU just released our upgraded v1.1 iOS app and is looking for like-minded individuals that would be willing to Beta test the PropelU mobile app and give us feedback.

PropelU was designed for even the busiest person. They help everyone maximize those small slices of time you have as you go through the day to gain knowledge, learn new skills, stay motivated and compound these necessary habits for short & long term results.

You can download the app here: 

After you download the app, send your email address to: and put “I downloaded the app” in the subject line. After you have used the app for a few days, had a chance to use the features, seen the functionality and user experience we will send you a brief questionnaire to get your feedback.

It’s that simple. Let PropelU help you be more successful.

The PropelU Team

Offline TomZabMoo

I thought about doing that, and when I started researching what it would take I found out it is actually a lot of work