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Author Topic: An Extremely Powerful Life-Changing Meditation Technique  (Read 1507 times)

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An Extremely Powerful Life-Changing Meditation Technique
« on: November 10, 2014, 08:15:56 PM »
Hey, I made this technique for the subscribers on my email list, and since then I've gotten a lot of positive feedback from it. So I thought I'd share it.

Let me know what you think =)

Ensure you're in a calm relaxing area.

You may want to play an audio track during this,
it doesn't have to be a meditation track, just something that makes you feel.... Powerful

Now begin:

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths.

Give it a couple mins, util your completely calm and aware..

I want you look deep within yourself.

Imagine a burning flame, deep within the center of your belly.

This is your essence.

Feel that burning flame.. It'll be somewhere near your belly button.

It may take a couple minutes to find it, so be patient.

Once you feel it, and really FEEL it, I want you to cherish it for
a couple minutes. Feel that tiny heated energy. Focus on it.

Keep focusing on it for a few minutes

Now I want you to imagine yourself pouring gasoline all over that tiny

Now watch it grow. FEEL as it engulfs your whole being.

Let it take over.

Let it burn. FEEL the heat. Let it destroy the old you. That old being
isn't you. It's not who you want to BE. Let it go.

It's going to want to hold on. But ignore it and let it burn.

You may feel some discomfort. But that's your ego trying to hold on.

Your ego doesn't like change. It doesn't want you to improve.

But you have the power to ignore your ego, and let it die.

Keep letting it burn. Keep breathing. Stay Calm.

At this stage you will enter a state of bliss, and Detachment.

This is the crucial stage where you must decide who it is that you
want the NEW you to be. Don't over complicate it.

Maybe you'd want to think something alongs the lines of powerful,
generous, grateful, and brilliant.

Keep it short, a few words or sentences.

Really feel those desires get absorbed by the flame. The flame may
even change color.

At this point the imaginary flame will have disintegrated your old being.

But the flame will still be burning. Because it still contains your essence.

You're still alive. You didn't destroy yourself completely. You just
destroyed the person you're tired of being.

Now keep imaging that large flame. The one that just disintegrated
your old being. The one that you programmed with the coding of
your new being.

Now imagine this flame begin to shrink. It shrinks down to the size of a
candle flame.

And then imagine this flame moving at the speed of light, and being
placed inside the heart of your real body.

Keep breathing. Every time you inhale, imagine this new flame inside
your heart grow. Then return back to it's original size when you exhale.

This flame will now be burning inside your heart for as long as you
believe in it.

Whenever you're in pain or need strength/confidence, remember
this burning flame inside of your heart.

Remember why its there. Remember that it's powering you. Inhale
deeply, feel the flame grow, and enlighten your heart. Let it always
remind you...

That you ARE powerful, and yo can do anything.

As long as you believe.

Be empowered my friends.

Passing love to you from where ever you may be,

- Moe